This are those members that for various reasons they have left us for ever.
Please note that even if the names can be used, they aren't the ones here stated. Their characters have been delete and their names were re-used.

Name Vocation Status
Galletas Fontaneda Knight Deleted (2005)
Juggernaut Paladin Deleted
Sergei Paladin Deleted
Lilo Knight Deleted
Boskis Knight Deleted
Dracot Sorcerer Deleted
Duncan McCloud Knight Deleted
Darkest Dark Sorcerer Deleted
Janras Knight Deleted
Naboro Knight Deleted
Xaser Paladin Deleted
Riverwind None Deleted
Puchi Paladin Deleted
Kraft Druid Deleted
Konrad Knight Deleted
Juas Paladin Deleted
Chemiplay Paladin Deleted
Orton Paladin Deleted
Diarreimix Sorcerer Deleted
Nolo Knight Deleted
Delta Offset Sorcerer Deleted
Reidrval Paladin Deleted (2008)

May Cookie Monster hold them in his arms for the eternity
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