1. Recruitment:
1.1 All tibians are allowed to request their entry on the brotherhood, whatever his lvl, vocation or language... is. Aspirants must post on brotherhood forum in order to notify their interest.
1.2 The aspirants to novice will pass a period of time in the Cookie College, where they will share their time with others aspirants and members of the guild.
1.3 Once you get the novice condition, your vocation leader will be your immediate superior. He will decide when a novice is ready to become member, or when a novice must lose his condition.
1.4 If you lose your novice condition, you are not allowed to request for entry again, unless you losed your condition due to inactivity. In this case, you can ask for a new opportunity.

2. Ranks:
2.1 Council Members:
They have the same rights than all the other ranks. They have the council common duties, furthermore their personal own duties (as a vocation leader, treasurer, diplomatic or pk-hunter). They have the basic duties too.
2.2 Members:
They have the same rights than all the other ranks. They have the basic duties.
When entering in this rank you choose your school which can be Trader, Pk-Hunter, Diplomat or Organizer where you will learn how to improve in your chosen area.
You can change school whenever you feel like.
2.3 Inactive Members:
This is an special rank. They are members that, whatever his reason are, they left the game for some time. The maximum time someone can stay as Inactive Member depends, mainly the maximum time will be, 6 months without showing up in the game or in our forums.
This members will not pay taxes and don't have access to guildhouse.
2.4 Novices:
They have the same basic rights than all the other ranks, except: They cannot give their opinion about brotherhood functioning. They have the basic duties, but they have not to pay taxes.

3. Rights and duties:
3.1 Basic Rights:
Puting forward and giving your opinion about ideas, asking for opinions, reporting other members' faults, asking about anything related with the brotherhood, using the clanhall, using the member-call.
3.2 Basic Duties:
Paying taxes, helping other members as possible, reporting other members' faults, do not killing without reason, do not stealing, carrying out the brotherhood's laws, respecting all the other members, do not acting in a way that could be detrimental to the brotherhood, posting deaths by pks, posting steals.
3.3 Additional Rights:
It can exist additional rights included on an own law; these rights are likewise valid.
3.4 Additional Duties:
It can exist additional duties included on an own law; these duties are likewise valid.

4. Faults:
Do not carrying any law will be penalised with a disciplinary sanction or a fine.
4.1 Disciplinary sanctions:
Council will evaluate your fault valoring your relapsing, your regreting, your reasons of faulting, if you try to correct your fault. Following, Council will take a decision: you can be expelled of the brotherhood or your case can be filed on an expedient.
4.2 Fines:
Fines will depend on the kind of fault, and are inculded on the own laws. Not paying a fine will carry a disciplinary sanction.

5. Taxes and other payments:
5.1 Taxes:
Taxes must be paid to treasurer before the 15th on every month. These taxes will have a variable value, in each moment valid values must be paid (2.000gps month). If you have not paid before the 15th on a month, a 50% increase must be paid. If you have not paid on the end of a month, you will be fined. The value of this fine will be indicated on the "Taxes" section on this web. Do not paying this fine will carry an study by the council, and you can be expelled of the brotherhood.
5.2 Other payments:
It can exist another payments that the council could consider necessary for the brotherhood. It will be only in exceptional cases and after a referendum between all members. Do not carrying out this payments will be carry a disciplinary sanction.

6. Outside pacts:
Brotherhood can pact with other guilds. Before pacting, an study will be done, and pact will become oficial only if the pact is considered positive for the brotherhood. In this moment, the pact will be posted. Pacts will be permanently exposed on this web, in order to member can examinate it. Do not carrying out any pact will be carry a disciplinary sanction.

7. Black Book of enemies (BB):
The responsable for the Black Book (BB) it the Diplomat (The Council Member). It is not obligatory to kill people on BB, but it is advisable helping as possible, because an inactivity on this matter would make de BB grow, and discredit the brotherhood.